Hello, I'm Nikki.

   I’m a Mom of Two, Wife & Online Business Owner. Over the past few years, I’ve built multiple streams of Passive Income through various Online Ventures. This has allowed me to earn & make a full-time living doing #allthethings that I love to do!


   For years, I’ve created many small digital products & courses that help teach others how to do the same! I am here to help you, and show you how you can add extra income to your life on autopilot.


Let’s work together, can’t wait to connect with you! 

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This blog was dedicated to help you Plan, Build + Launch a successful Blog that earns Passive Income even if you’re starting from scratch! Here are some resources to help you…

What's My Story?

   Soon after learning about the concept of earning Passive Income and how it would help me to stop trading my time for money, I knew that passive income was perfect for me. As a working Mom, like many others, I wanted to find a way to earn money from home or at least on my own time and have more freedom to schedule my days the way I wanted. 


   I have always been creative, and had a strong passion for learning. After investing in online courses to help gain new online design & marketing skills, I launched an Digital Marketing Company with my Husband.


    We work with many Small Business Owners & Start-Up Companies, we help them with various tasks such as Web Design, SEO & Content Marketing to help them grow their online presence & increase their revenue. 


   We have been able to earn Passive Income with our business through outsourcing & setting up systems & templates we use for each new client.  I am truly passionate about Online Marketing, working with businesses, and especially teaching others how to add extra income into their lives because this whole passive income concept is truly a life changer. 


If you would like to know the 5 ways I earn money from doing all the things I love, check out this post on 5 Side Hustles for Stay at Home Moms to earn a Full-Time Living here.

The 6-Day Email Course.

The blogging world is so noisy am I right? Learn how to skip the overwhelm, find your focus & earn easy passive income with a targeted niche blog.


In 6-Days you’ll get my complete breakdown for earning an extra 25k a year with a brand new blog!

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Fun Facts:

  • Before launching our Digital Marketing Company, I was a Professional Make Up Artist with MAC Cosmetics, after becoming a Product Specialist with the Company, I discovered My Passion for Consumer Marketing.
  • I'm a true Multi-Passionate, I love spending hours doing graphic design, web-design, photography, editing & creating content.
  • My current obsession is anything Homer Decor, I'm currently taking inspiration from my favorite #ladyboss & Designer Joanna Gaines for our new home in Kentucky.

What's My Passion?

Exploring the world with my family & having the freedom to create content anywhere I choose as long as there's a good WiFi connection & coffee... We love the Ocean, can you tell? ☺️

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