7 Best Ways to Add Passive Income to your Blog

by Viva Passionista
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Here are 7 Ways to Maximize your Blogging Income

If you were to ask any top professional blogger what the best way is to earn income with your blog, they would tell you to spend time creating your own products.

First of all, you have the control, you can choose to launch as many or little products as you choose.

You’re also able to price your products as you wish, and if you want to give your readers a discount you can do that too!

In other words, your main focus should always be to sell your own products.

Once you have your own digital goodies floating around the web, you shouldn’t stop there, here are 7 more amazing ways to earn additional income from your niche blog business.




1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing allows you to promote products or services that are not your own. You can sign up to Affiliate Programs or simply sell other creator’s products by simply signing up and acquiring a link to share on your website, blog, email & social media.

For example, I only use a few core products to run my business because I chose to keep my blog business minimal. 

Because I am so familiar with these small group of products, I became an affiliate of the programs and decided to offer my affiliate links to my readers so they can try the products for themselves as well.

If they happen to like the products and decide to make a purchase, by using my affiliate link I am eligible to earn a commission from the sale. There are tons of programs & products you can become an affiliate for in any niche relevant to you.


2. Services

If it’s relevant with your niche, you can provide online services to your readers. This allows you to get creative with your blog and think outside the box.

For example, a service that I provide for clients is SEO work for their businesses and Web Design Services that vary in the price range.

You can do research within your niche and find unique ways to offer simple to complex services for your target audience as additional income.

Pro Tip: A great place to get ideas for simple online services to offer your audience is by checking the website called Fivver.

Fivver is an online marketplace that offers a range of services in every niche, for example, I’ve used Fivver to help me create logos, email marketing scripts, content writing, and images for social media for my digital business.


3. Ad’s

Ad’s are an option for your blog and allows you earn a passive income simply by driving traffic to your website and placing ad’s on your blog to build revenue from clicks or views that you receive monthly.

If you’re just starting out and know that your traffic is low, I wouldn’t bother with placing ad’s on your website.

However, here’s why I mention ad’s, if you know that you are receiving over 25 thousand page views a month on your blog, you can apply for an ad company.

Companies like Mediavine will pay you a decent amount of extra income by running ad’s on a blog that is receiving a solid amount of traffic, that’s when I would start to think about placing ad’s on my website.


4. Sponsorships

Sponsored posts work very well, especially for niche bloggers. When you have an engaged target audience plus email list of subscribers, you can submit requests to write sponsored posts for companies to promote or collab with their brands.

Since niche bloggers know who their target market and audience are, its easy for you to understand what your readers would like or need. You can use this information to seek out the perfect brands to work with on promoted posts.


5. Memberships/Courses

Memberships are great for earning consistent passive income every month. If you create content and choose to spread your content out over weeks and months at a time.

You can choose to have your readers pay a monthly fee or one-time fee to access your content. A popular platform that is great for hosting your membership program is Teachable.

They have an easy to use platform designed for course creators to upload your course or membership information.

If you are beginner, Teachable may be an expensive platform for you to invest in when you’re just starting out, if you want to use the platform and be paid instantly every time someone pays for your course or membership you will need to pay a premium price.


An Alternative Platform to use for your Courses/Memberships

I highly recommend you checking out a similar platform called Podia, they have a similar interface to teachable which makes uploading your content and running a membership program easy with their platform.

I really enjoyed signing up and checking out the platform, one of the best options they have is their built-in email marketing system, you use it as your main email system to keep in touch with your subscribers.

Podia is an all-in-one platform and it’s a fraction of the price of Teachable! Here’s a link to try Podia free for 14 days, you’ll love it!


6. Youtube Channel

Combining your blog content into video content for Youtube is a great idea to increase your niche blogging business.

For every piece of content you create for your blog, that content can be turned into a video script to use for your channel as well. 

Camera Shy? No problem! You could simply use a free screen share program such as Screencast-o-Matic to create video tutorials.

The program allows you to provide a tutorial using your screen to show your audience how to do something whether it’s teaching them how to use an online platform, or simply creating a slide show with Canva or Apple Pages to share with your viewers.

A Youtube channel allows you to grow your audience, earn extra passive income with ad revenue and finally, you can use the traffic you receive from Youtube & direct viewers to visit your blog and shop your products!

Ways to earn extra income with a brand new blog


7. Consulting/Coaching

As a niche blogger, you instantly build credibility with your audience because you are focused on one topic. If it’s relevant to your niche, you can offer to coach or consulting to your readers and use Sendowl to add a coaching service link for readers to purchase from you for extra income.

You can easily become an online coach and provide a unique one-on-one service to your readers because there are many people who prefer working with you directly rather than purchasing a digital product from you.

Give coaching a try once you’ve built a relationship with your audience and are receiving feedback from your readers about coaching opportunities to work with you one-on-one. Here’s a Free 14-Day Free Trial with Sendowl!


Final Thoughts

I hope that you can see all of the ways you can grow your niche blog into a passionate business that is truly profitable. My hope was to guide you through my perspective of starting an online business that truly fits your passion.

As a blogger, it’s important to understand where what your goals are so that you down become overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to create tons of content when your only focus is traffic.

If you learn to find your unique niche, and create content for your personal target audience, turning your blog into a profitable business will happen from the very start!


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