3 Top Reasons Why You’ll Earn Income Faster with a Niche Blog

by Viva Passionista
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How Long Does it Take to Make Money Blogging?

That’s a great question!

When searching for the answer online, most bloggers tell you it’ll take time, so be patient.

I’ve seen many answers to this question, most say to not expect to earn a dime until you’ve at least been blogging for 6 months to a year.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be the case!


How to Earn Passive Income Faster with a Niche Blog


1. Build your Trust and Authority as a Blogger

If you currently have a blog and write about a variety of topics your chances of making consistent sales will take longer than a niche blogger.

By having a niche blog, you quickly build trust and authority with your audience because you’re focused. As a result, a focused blog means that you know who your target audience is.

For example, a lifestyle blogger such as a Mom Blogger could create content around a variety of topics such as Health, Fitness, Beauty and Home Life.

An easy way to niche down as a Mom Blogger is to find your focus.  For instance, if you notice your readers enjoy reading about your Home Life blog posts, you could use that information to help center your focus around what your audience finds interesting.

As a result, you would become a Home Life Blogger for Moms and you can now showcase your expertise in that niche to build your trust and authority within your niche fast!


Why does this matter?

More sales. 

If you want to earn income through your blog, you need to ask your readers to make purchases from you.

In order to for your readers to feel confident in making purchases with you, they will need to feel like they can trust you.

If they land on your blog because of an amazing blog post full of quality content and helpful advice, readers will build confidence in you because you are providing them with value.

If you can provide even more quality content and blog posts centered on a subject that they’re already interested in, you’ll be able to win them over even faster.

This will help increase your chances of your audience wanting to make purchases from you.


2. Focus on Growing your Email List

Having an Email list will help you earn more money. 

It’s much easier to ask your subscribers to make a purchase with you only after you have been spending time delivering consistent value to them.

If you spend time emailing your readers and providing them with helpful tips and advice, when it’s time to ask them to check out your new products or an affiliate product you’d love to sell, the chances of them taking action will increase.

In comparison to brand new visitors landing on your blog for the first time, they may need more time to warm up to who you are and why they should spend money with your products or recommendations.


How to Get Readers to Sign Up for your Email List

If you want to make sure new visitors don’t leave your blog without first signing up for your list, you’ll want to give them a free high-value offer.

This is called a Freebie Offer, Content Upgrade or Lead Magnet. 

Similar to creating digital products, you can easily create a high-value Freebie Offer that allows readers to take action and accomplish a quick win related to your niche topic.

For example, it’s important to keep freebies enticing yet simple. A home life niche blogger could create a checklist or a spreadsheet that would help Moms with their home life.

If you can help a reader within your niche achieve a quick goal or help them with a quick challenge, Mom’s will want to download your Freebie Offer in exchange for their email.


3. Less Creating, More Promoting

As a niche blogger, you don’t have to spend all of your time pumping out tons of content, you only need a few pieces of great quality content that serves your niche audience best.

The goal with a niche blog is to move your reader along to the next step, once they read your blog posts, you want them to download your freebie.

Once your reader is on your list, the next step is to serve them, then guide them along to the next process which can be purchasing your products or your affiliate products.

The journey that you are guiding your visitors through is called a Sales Funnel.

A sales funnel is how you earn income passively with your blog without having to try so hard to convert your visitors into potential customers.

Focus on getting visitors into your funnel, you can do this by promoting your content on Pinterest. Once you build your audience, you can actually ask your readers directly which products would help them reach their goals next.

You don’t need lots of readers to earn money blogging, you just need the right readers that NEED your what you’re selling, a niche blog will help you target the perfect readers for your digital products.


Ideas for Earning Passive Income with your Niche Blog

Now that you’re building trust and authority on your blog by simply niching down and getting focused on who your readers are and how you can help them its time to add income opportunities to your blog.


Here is what to offer your readers for passive income:


1. Your Own Products

You can easily create digital products such as workbooks, cheatsheets, eBooks or even videos to your audience that will help them with challenges or problems they have within your niche.

For example, the Home Life Blogger can provide a simple cheat sheet or an eBook to help other Moms organize their homes, style their homes, declutter their homes, or even help them make their homes green.

The ideas are endless, you just need to get creative or ask your readers what they need help with. 


2. Affiliate Marketing

As a blogger with trust and authority, if you want to recommend your favorite products you use for your own home you can become an affiliate of platforms like Amazon or Share-a-Sale and create blog posts centered around links to your favorite products.

With trust and authority, your audience will consider what you have to say and most likely take you up on your offers much faster than a blogger that is recommending products for all sorts of people who all have different wants and needs.

Blog posts that contain affiliate links or your own digital products are perfect passive income opportunities that you can promote over and over again anywhere on the web.

Write the post once, and share it forever. That’s easy passive income floating around the web for you!


3. Services

As you become an expert within your niche, you’ll start to understand what your audience needs and wants from you. You can easily come up with a service to help your readers one-one-one if it’s something that you want to do.

You’ll be surprised how many readers prefer paying for you to do a service for them rather than buying a course and doing something themselves.

If you choose to provide services, this will be considered Active income instead of Passive income because it requires you to invest your time in exchange for payment.

It’s still a great way to do what you love and get paid as a bonus! 


Final Thoughts + Advice

Shifting your blogging focus to one topic allows you to be relevant to a group of readers that will trust you and appreciate your content.

It’s better to be relevant to a group of quality/qualified readers than to be irrelevant to a larger quantity amount of visitors.

Define your niche and find your people.

Are you interested in blogging smarter and not harder? Take my Free 6 Day Niche Blogging E-Course to learn more about passive income strategies I use for my own blogging business.



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How to earn passive income faster with a niche blog

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