6 Game-Changing Freebie Offers to Rapidly Grow Your Email List + Make More Money

by Viva Passionista
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Stuggling to convert your readers into subscribers? Use this simple technique that will super boost your Email Sign Up rates this month. Here's 6 Game-Changing Content Upgrade Ideas for you to offer on your blog right now! Click to read more and download your FREE Workbook!/>
Stuggling to convert your readers into subscribers? Use this simple technique that will super boost your Email Sign Up rates this month. Here's 6 Game-Changing Content Upgrade Ideas for you to offer on your blog right now! Click to read more and download your FREE Workbook!/>

How to Rapidly Grow Your Email List Fast with Freebie Offers

Struggling to get readers to subscribe to your list?

One of the most common mistakes I see beginner bloggers make is only creating one general freebie opt-in for their blog.

A general freebie is a great start but the key to making opt-ins your reader wants & needs is to make several specific freebies.

These are called Content Upgrades.

In this post, you’ll learn why one general opt-in is not the way to go if you really want to boost & grow your email list right now.

Let’s learn what content upgrades are all about next.


What are Content Upgrades?

Content Upgrades are what I like to call a little takeaway gift for your readers to enjoy after taking the time to visit and read your blog.

Within the blogging world, you might hear Content Upgrades also be called Lead Magnets, Opt-Ins or Freebie Offers.

In order for your readers to get access to your Free Offer, they have to first sign up for your email list so that you can send them their free gift immediately through email.

Unlike traditional methods of getting readers to sign up, readers in 2019 are much savvier.

You can pretty much guarantee that you’re not getting an email from your readers without first offering up something enticing that piques your reader’s interest.


Here’s an Example to Use

For example, let’s say you just finished writing a new list post on your best tips for “getting your newborn to sleep through the night.”

Instead of asking your readers to opt-in to your general newsletter for more tips and advice, you can offer them a content upgrade.

This is an additional piece of content that compliments your post and helps your reader take action right away!



What to offer your Reader Instead

A few content upgrades could be:

  • a newborn night-time routine checklist
  • a step-by-step roadmap [printable] for them to download

The idea is to make your readers feel inspired and motivated to take action after reading your post, content upgrades are the best ways to accomplish this goal!


Here are 6 Game-Changing Freebie Offers to Grow Your Email List:



Almost everyone loves a great printable!

You can easily create a worksheet for someone to fill out, a checklist, a monthly planner, a daily planner, or even a spreadsheet to keep track of things.

As long as you create a printable that helps your reader take action based on the tips or advice you’re delivering through your blog post, these will be easy wins for you to build your list!

For example, If I read a post about how this blogger saves an extra $500 monthly using her special spreadsheet, as a reader that’s something I want and need, maybe even purchase from her too! 😉



Nothing is easier than giving away templates for your readers to get the ball rolling towards creating or designing something.

Templates are great because they can simply use your example, customize it and make it their own!

Template ideas include email scripts like the ones I love using by Kate Doster, view them here.

She provides tons of done-for-you email templates that I can easily copy + paste right into my Convertkit Platform and hit send every week!


As a blogger, I’ve recently realized how useful cheat sheets are for getting everyday business tasks done.

Another example would be for content writing, I have a cheat sheet of power words that I use to make my blog posts more exciting instead of using the same old boring words repetitively!

For example, do you have any formula’s that you use that help you achieve any goals? Create a cheat sheet of formulas that help you & relate to your blog niche.


PDF Resource Lists

When I created my Master List of High-Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bloggers to Join, it was a hit, and still is!

By creating a Master List of Resource including clickable links, instead of my readers having to look for each program inside of list on their own, I did the work for them.

My Master List provides them with a nicely packaged PDF Download they can use immediately.

Here’s what my PDF Master List looks like, download a copy for yourself if you like! 👌



Do you want to quickly BOOST your engagement with your readers?

By offering them a challenge at the end of your post, you can quickly get your readers inspired to take action!

One of the best reasons to create a challenge is that you can provide daily emails for however long your challenge is.

For example, if your challenge is 4 days, you can send your subscribers a 4-day email sequence.

Since your readers are motivated to complete the challenge, they’ll most likely open each one of your emails.

This is a great way to boost your email open rates too!


Mini-Course / Crash Course

A Mini-Course is a great way to give your reader a preview of your higher-end courses or a place to add your affiliate links.

When you offer mini-courses and tutorials, it gives you authority and helps you provide tons of value for your audience.

Did you know that you can actually earn much more money blogging simply by giving your readers step-by-step tutorials?

As long as you lead your readers towards purchasing your products or using tools you are affiliated with your chances of making money improves.


How to Make More Money with Free Mini-Courses

Here’s an example, I created Blog Graphic Templates to sell to my audience.

Instead of just telling them, “check out my sales page, here’s what I am selling!”

A better solution to help sell my product is to simply create a tutorial showing them how my product works.

Plus, I can also show how I personally use my own templates to grow my business.

People love when you provide value, try a Mini-Course and let me know how it goes! ✨


content upgrade ideas to grow your email list this month!/>

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to create your own content upgrades and grow your list this month? But wait, don’t leave without your Content Upgrade Workbook… 

Download My Bonus Guide with even more content upgrade ideas for you to try. It includes a guide for planning your next content upgrades  + FREE checklist ensuring you don’t miss any steps!




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Are you struggling to convert your blog readers into subscribers? In this post, I'll share why your general freebie opt-in won't get your readers to subscribe to your blog as quickly as Content Upgrades. Find out this simple Email Opt-in technique that's helping me boost my email sign-ups this month & how you can do it too! Click to read + FREE Workbook Download!





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