Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to Find High Paying Affiliate Programs for any Niche

by Viva Passionista
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How to Find Affiliate Programs for any Niche as a Beginner + a Step-by-Step Tutorial

So you’re ready to monetize your blog.

Well, of course, you are, you’ve got your Niche down-packed, and you know who your target audience is but now all you need is a money making plan.

You’ll probably notice on my blog that I’m a huge advocate of creating your own digital products.


Simply put, its because you earn 100% of the profit for every single product you sell unless of course, someone else sells them for you if you happened to have your very own affiliate program for your products which is pretty cool right?

Yes, you can do that too, run your own affiliate program to sell more of your products. 

But I understand, if you’re not ready to design & create your own products yet so the next best thing would be Affiliate Marketing!


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Now, let’s dive into an Affiliate Marketing tutorial below!


What is Affiliate Marketing?

You may have heard of Affiliate Marketing and wondering how complicated this whole process really is, it’s not, I promise!

Affiliate Marketing is a way for you to earn a commission simply by promoting products or services that you recommend that belong to other people or a company in general.

In order to earn a commission, you would first need to sign up for the person’s affiliate program. The program usually allows you to set up a profile with your name and payment details. Lastly, you would receive a special link or code to use and promote to your audience.

Bottom line:

When someone uses your link or code to make a purchase, you’ll earn a commission!


How to Sell Affiliate Marketing Products?

When it comes to promoting your affiliate links and earning commissions, your income potential will vary depending on how high or low the commission payouts are.

If the commission is high, it usually means the price of the product is also high. In this case, you will need to spend more time educating your audience about the product in order for them to make a purchase.

When the items are priced lower, chances are you’ll need more traffic to make your links more visible. No worries, here are a few ways to increase your chances of making Affiliate Marketing Sales on your blog.

Be Strategic

When you decide to join Affiliate Programs, make sure to pick affiliate products or services that are relevant to your niche. Making sells becomes easier when you know its something your audience is already interested in.  If it’s a product or service that will help them get closer to reaching their goals the higher the chances of making a sale.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you blog about fitness and health and want to promote an affiliate fitness program to your readers, you could create an entire blog post about it.

How to Seal the Deal:

Within the blog post, you should go into great detail about the benefits your readers would receive. Finally, explain that you understand your reader’s problems & challenges making your product the perfect choice to help them out.

Pro Tip—Throughout your posts, make sure to link to your product where it makes sense and at the end of the post include a final call-to-action for your readers to check out your affiliate link.

Blog Post Ideas that are good for Promoting Affiliate Links:

1. How to Posts

Go into detail educating your readers about how to achieve something that helps them solve a problem or challenge.

2. Resource Posts

Create a list of resources or tools you recommend and use titles that start with:

  • My favorite…
  • Most useful…
  • Most helpful…
  • The best…

3.Comparison Posts

Provide a detailed comparison of the products or provide a story of how you used one and converted to another.

[Pro Tip] Become an affiliate of both products being compared to increase your chances of earning a sale.


4. Gift Guides

You can put together a list of ideas for people to purchase when they need ideas of what to buy for birthday’s, holidays and special occasions.


Best Places to Promote Affiliate Links

Here a few places to strategically place your affiliate links:

  • Create a Resource Page or Library on your Blog and link your recommended products/services.
  • Add your best link to your Social Media Handles such as a Linktree Account for Instagram or Facebook Profile etc.
  • On your blog’s Start Here or About Page
  • Create unique eye-catching graphics with Canva or Pic Monkey to add to your blog posts, sidebar and email newsletters

Important Advice about Affiliate Promotion

Here are a few important tips and information about using Affiliate Marketing as a monetization strategy.


Disclaimers + Disclosures

Before you promote your affiliate links, it’s legally required by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to disclose to your readers that your links are affiliated with programs, products or services. It’s good practice, to be honest with your readers by letting them know that if they make a purchase using your link, you may be receiving a commission.

Protect your yourself and your business first:

Affiliate Marketing can help you earn a full-time living if you plan and create strategic content centered around your best paying affiliate programs and products. To ensure you are blogging legally and place the proper disclosures and disclaimers on your website, check out the professional legal templates created by Lawyer and Blogger Amira of 

It’s a one-time investment that you’ll never regret, you’ll be able to cover your business’s legal basis and best of all,  give you peace of mind. Click here to view Amira’s Legal Template Bundles.

Program Rules + Restrictions

Before you start promoting affiliate links, make sure to read all of the rules and restrictions the program/platform may have.

For example, the Amazon Affiliate Program has strict rules that don’t allow affiliates to place affiliate links within your email newsletters or within digital products like e-books. For various reasons, certain programs may not be able to track affiliate clicks or links properly, as long as you read the rules you’ll be fine.

Luckily, many programs are flexible and do not have many limitations when it comes to promotion, so don’t get overwhelmed just yet.

In the tutorial below, I will help you find affiliate programs to start out with as a beginner, let’s get started!


How to Find Affiliate Programs Tutorial

This tutorial will help you find unique affiliate programs simply by using Google to look for Private Programs.

Consider this:

In comparison to signing up for large affiliate networks, most of these programs won’t require you to make a purchase or submit an application. Best of all, most private affiliate programs you find using this method will pay higher commissions versus other large networks.

Do you have to purchase the products or services first?

Make sure to do your research about the products in order to make a final decision on whether its a product you want to recommend to your audience as an affiliate. (It’s not required that you test the product first, you’re allowed to promote products or services based on your research and own opinions.)


Step 1.

As a beginner, I suggest starting with a simple Google Search. You’ll be able to find affiliate programs by typing in your [niche topic + (plus sign) the words affiliate program.] For this example, I am finding an affiliate program for a health blogger that wants to promote a product for their Paleo Audience.

Step 2.

Visit a few websites, I decided to choose a blog post that included a round-up of several “Paleo Affiliate Programs to Join.”

Step 3.

For this particular search result, I chose the #3 result on the list, “Eat, Drink, Paleo.” Be sure to do your research about the product and product creator. It’s a great idea to find testimonials, results, and reviews.

Step 4.

Once on the blog of the product creator, you should look for an Affiliate Program Link or Web Shop to learn more information about the affiliate program available.

Step 5.

Once you find the Affiliate Program information, read the rules and look to see how much you could possibly earn as an affiliate. In this instance, the Product Creator offers 40% affiliate commission and does not require you to purchase the product first. Sign up for the program if you wish, and repeat this search process to find even more affiliate programs related to your blog niche.

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