How to Start a Passive Income Online Business for less than $100

by Viva Passionista
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How to Start a Passive Income Business when you’re on a Budget

Is a tight budget keeping you from starting a Passive Income Business of your own? Don’t let it!

One of the best and easiest ways to jumpstart your Passive Income Business online is to start a blog.

Now, I know this might be something that you’ve heard a million times before but I want you to know that you shouldn’t just start a random blog and call it a business. It won’t work that way.

Here’s is what you need to do instead…


How to Start a Blog that earns Income from the Start

Smart Bloggers earn income fast.

In order to blog smarter, you’ll need to quickly ditch the idea of starting a blog with no end goal or purpose in mind.

The smartest way to start a blog for passive income is to simply define your niche and figure out who your blog is for and how you can help them. (This is also known as developing a target audience.)

The key to earning income from your blog is to run it like a business. Once you define your niche and know who your target audience is, you can create simple digital products to sell on your blog for passive income.

Here’s an example, let’s say you wanted to create a blog about your passion for photography. First, figure out the purpose of your blog. Second, figure out who it is that you want to help with your content.

For instance, you could help beginners use their DSLR cameras on Manual Mode or help beginners take better pictures of their kids, or even help beginners take professional wedding photos as a side business.


How to create a Passive Income Plan for your Blog

Now that you know how to pick a niche and define your target audience the next step is to develop a passive income strategy.

  • Think about a digital product you can create to help your audience solve the problem that your target audience has, (how to use DSLR, take professional wedding photos, etc.)
  • Create a Free Offer you can ask your blog’s readers to download in exchange for their email in order to build your email list and warm them up for your paid offer later.
  • Create blog content that is useful and helpful and relates to your target audiences biggest struggles within your niche topic.
  • Send your subscribers tips and advice via email to help build trust with your readers
  • Ask your readers to make a purchase and sell your digital products for passive income


5 Steps for Launching your Passive Income Blog Business for less than $100

Blogging is a great passive income business to start because of how low the startup costs is to create it. I honestly used to think it would require me to save for months in advance just to start an online business or a blog so I avoided it for a long time.

You’re in luck, you can start your own business without having to break the bank!

How to start a passive income blog FREE 6-DAY E-COURSE

Here are the Steps and Tools you need to Start your Business:


1. Domain Name + Hosting + Theme

One of the best platforms to start your niche blogging business is through the Web Hosting Platform, Siteground.Once you sign up, they provide you with a free WordPress Blog.

What to avoid:

You should avoid paying a monthly subscription for your blog when using a platform like WIX or Squarespace. Instead,  you’ll be the official owner of your business when you Self-host your own blog on WP from Sitground.

Before you sign up, make sure to pick a name for your business, you can purchase your domain name from Namecheap. Once you set up your domain and hosting, a free option to design & create your blog is to use you a free WordPress plugin called Elementor.

My personal recommendation:

Most of the website pages on my blog were created with Elementor, it allows you to drag and drop your content right onto your blog with ease plus they also have templates you can use and upload on your blog for a professional look.

Cost to Setup:

Web Hosting + WordPress with Siteground Cost: $47.40 / 60% off Discount with My Partner Link!

Domain Name with Namecheap Cost: $8.88

Elementor Plugin Cost: $ Free

>> Here’s a FREE E-Guide Download to help you set up your WordPress Blog with Siteground. It includes a step-by-step tutorial + a Bonus 🎁 “About Me Page Template” designed to help you look professional & increase sales.

How to Start a Blog with Siteground Hosting Step-by-step Tutorial

2. Canva

To create website graphics, workbooks, and ebooks, you can use a beginner friendly platform called Canva. With this  platform you can:

  • Create Marketing Materials such as graphics to promote your blog posts on Social Media & Pinterest for Traffic.
  • Create or design Freebie Offers such as Worksheets, Workbooks or eBooks to help build your email list.
  • You can create or design digital products to sell on your blog as PDF downloads to create passive income.

Cost to Setup:

Canva Platform Cost: $ Free


3. Email Platform + Premium Email Address

In order to deliver your freebie so you can build your email list, you’ll need to use a reliable email platform. Convertkit is the perfect email system to build a profitable email list that will help you create passive income with your blog.

To ensure your emails are sent properly, you will need a professional email address. For example, instead of You can purchase a professional email name with it will provide you a name using G-Suite of Google.

Cost to Setup:

Convertkit Platform Cost: $29 a month for 0-1k Email Subscribers /Get a Free 14- Day Trial with My Partner Link!

G-Suite Email Address Cost: $6 a month


4. E-Commerce Platform-Sendowl

Lastly, in order to earn income from your blog and sell your digital products, you will need an e-commerce platform. Sendowl is the platform I recommend for all bloggers. Sendowl is user-friendly and provides a clean, quick & simple checkout process for your customers. The best way to sell your products is to have a simple checkout system, this ensures that your customers receive an excellent user experience without any hassles at checkout.

Here is how Sendowl Works:

You can easily download your digital product as a PDF and upload it to Sendowl, the platform gives you a buy link and you can add it to your blog to begin selling your products the day you launch your blog.

Cost to Setup:

Sendowl Cost: $9 a month /Get your 1st Month Free with My Partner Link!


👉 Total Passive Income Blog Start Up Cost: $ 91.28!

(The total if you exclude your first month free with Sendowl.)


Final Thoughts

Starting a Passive Income Business online shouldn’t be complicated or expensive, so don’t let it be. By starting a niche blog, you’ll be able to skip the overwhelm of the typical blogger that doesn’t have an end goal in mind for earning income.

Ready to learn more about Niche Blogging for Passive Income?

I invite you to take my FREE 6-Day E-Course here, you’ll receive a complimentary workbook to help you plan, build & launch your blog for success!



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