How to Start a Profitable Passive Income Blog even if you’re Short on Time

by Viva Passionista
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How to Start a Profitable Passive Income Blog even if you’re short on time!

Are you a Stay at Home Mom like me?

Are you looking for a way to create a hobby from home that can help you earn some extra money on the side?

Or maybe you’re just up to your ears with home life, baby life and feel like you need to do something fun for yourself, something that would help you escape the day to day routine!

That was me, my hubby asked if I wanted to quit my job and stay home with our new baby and of course I jumped and said YES!

I absolutely loved being at home with my baby boy and daughter but guess what, I also fell into a stay at home, yoga pants, hair in a bun, rut! Going to Target was the highlight of my day.

Honestly, for a few months of around the clock feedings, diaper changes & zero sleep, I lost my sense of purpose outside of being a Mom.

I needed something for myself. Something that made me feel good inside as an individual.

When Mom feels good, we all feel good, am I right?”

I decided a few weeks later to start a blog, a fashion & beauty blog. I figured it would give me a reason to get dressed, get pretty and take a few pictures for my website. Hmmm..okay yeah, well see.


The “Lifestyle Blogger vs. Niche Blogger” Wakeup Call


As a beginner blogger, I was very inspired by lifestyle bloggers such as A Beautiful Mess, Brit + Co, and The Every Girl.

Like many others, I wanted to write about #allthetopics because I felt passionate about many different things.

Needless to say, that idea became egg on my face soon after I launched my blog.

Why? Lifestyle blogs are just so much work! I spent every single minute of free time I had working on what felt like tons and tons of writing. and then more writing. 


Here is why a Lifestyle Blog didn’t work for me:

1. I had zero time to write, edit and promote blog content with a busy home schedule.

2. I had no target audience & my topics were all over the place.

3. My blog pageviews/traffic suffered because of my lack of consistency.

4. The lack of traffic caused my Google ad revenue to plummet.

5. Finally, I had no idea what to sell on the blog to help increase my income because I had no idea what my audience needed from me.


Niche Blogging for the WIN

After investing in blog education and reading up on tons of articles from Pinterest, I had finally found the solution to my problem!

After studying the pros, I decided to listen to them. They said, “find your niche” and most importantly, know who your “target audience” is before you start creating content just for the sake of posting something.

I soon realized that there was a clear correlation between niche blogs and making money quickly from blogging.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you define your niche as a blogger, you can quickly set yourself apart online.

If you know your niche, you will start to understand exactly who your target reader is. Once you know who your audience is, the easier it becomes for you to know what they need from you.

Here’s an example, if you have a passion for say, home life, you could pick one thing you’re great at. In this instance, maybe you’re great at organization and decluttering. As a niche blogger, you have defined your niche, “organization and decluttering“.

The next step is to figure out your target audience. You should ask yourself who you are writing for?  Is it Moms, working moms, college students, minimalists? Do yourself a solid and pick an audience!


Why your Target Audience is the Key to your Blogging Income

One of the best ways to earn income from your blog is to:

1. Sell your own Products/Services

2. Promote Affiliate products or services 

You can sell both via your blog posts or through email newsletters.  If you know who you are creating content for, it’ll make it easy for you to understand what your reader needs.

Simply put, if you can help your target audience solve a problem or a challenge, then you can offer them a product, a service or an offer that will help them get to their desired end goals.


How to easily come up with your own Digital Product to Sell

As an example, as a decluttering and organization blogger, you can easily create small digital products for your audience that you can sell on your blog for passive income.

A great product idea could be as simple as creating an organization spreadsheet, a video tutorial, an ebook or an online course breaking down a larger task into smaller actionable steps for your reader.

How cool is that?

Here’s the kicker, anyone at any blogging level can do this as long as you figure out those first crucial steps: define your niche, know your target reader.


Final Thoughts:

As a lifestyle blogger, I wrote posts and created content for myself.

As a niche blogger, I write for my audience. That’s the most important part of turning a blog into a business.

Writing for an audience allows you to build a community with your readers. In return, you build trust & with trust you can feel more confident about the products ideas you want to create or affiliate recommendations you want to promote to your audience to help build an income from your blog.

Do you want to learn how Niche Blogging allowed me to turn my hobby into a thriving passive income business online?

Pssst! I’m a busy full-time Mom with two kids if I can run a blog during naptime, so can you!


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