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The Complete Guide for using Pinterest & Tailwind to rapidly speed up your Passive Income through Blogging on Autopilot.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You're blog is launched and your Sales Funnel is in place, it's time to drive massive traffic to your blog but you're not sure how to navigate Pinterest for traffic.  

You need a simplified strategy to quickly get readers to your blog so that they can enter your Sales Funnel to help you earn Passive Income consistently.

You're ready to learn how you can maximize your sales with easy to use techniques for using Pinterest and you're interested in learning how to automate the process with Tailwind.

What if you could...

Learn how to unlock the Power of Pinterest by using techniques that help you get your content in front of millions every day allowing you to automate sales, increase your passive income & explode your earning potential starting today!



A Masterclass Video Tutorial + eBook teaching how to use Pinterest like a Pro so you can wildly increase your chances for earning more passive income with your brand new blog. 


The Masterclass will show you how to set up a professional profile, develop a winning pinning strategy and as a bonus learn how to supercharge your monthly revenue easily without having to spend hours working on your blog or content!

Here's what you'll get

  • A One Hour Video Masterclass showing you how to step-by-step how to build a professional profile, I show you my strategy for growing my Pinterest Views to over 1 million a month!
  • Video Lesson on How to Steal my Winning Pin Strategy that helps me triple my sales through Pinterest without having to pump out tons of content.
  • A full guided tutorial section on how to get started with Tailwind to help you automate your entire blog marketing process.
  • You'll learn how to effectively set up a schedule that allows you to get lots of work done on a part-time schedule, perfect for busy people with full-time jobs or stay-at-home moms.
  • Unlock a Bonus Affiliate Marketing Section within the eBook, this step-by-step lesson will help show you how to increase your Passive Income beyond selling your own products or services!

here's what you'll learn...

part one

Learn how to set up a Professional Pinterest Profile from scratch. You will learn the complete step-by-step on how to build a Business Account on Pinterest.

Part two

Learn everything you need to know about creating quality and effective Pins for your blog, how to upload them, how to add keywords and how to link them from your blog to Pinterest for massive traffic.

part three

We dive into all things Tailwind, learn how to easily use the platform with an insanely easy and fast way to schedule tons of content at once for your entire month. Plus, my strategy for growing my Pinterest Traffic to over a 1 Million!

part four

Learn how to Organize and Automate your blog's traffic, you will learn step-by-step techniques on how to use Tailwind efficiently like a Pro. You'll get full-time work done in just minutes a day!

if you're ready to unlock the power of pinterest & automate your monthly passive income...

Enroll Today and Get Started with Pinterest & Tailwind and learn how bring in consistent sales on a part-time schedule!

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to start earning income through selling your small Digital Products or Services + Affiliate marketing techniques for extra income.
  • You need a simplified step-by-step tutorial to help your walk through the process of setting up a professional marketing strategy for passive income.
  • You're excited to learn how to automate a money making system on your blog, giving you more freedom to work on other tasks for your business.

This is not for you if...

Hey there, I'm Nikki

   Blogger and Online Digital Business Owner, over the past few years I have dedicated myself to learning everything about blogging, marketing and Passive Income Strategies. 


   I have set up many sales funnels, email marketing & traffic systems for clients of Small Online Businesses and Start Up’s.


   My style is making the complex feel like simple by breaking down processes into bite size chunks for anyone at any level to learn and implement. I’m here to make this Passive Income Process work for you too! Sign up today and get started. 

ready for a simple method of earning income through your blog?

Don’t spend tons of money on other complex & over complicated processes for your Blog, 

get the complete Video Masterclass, eBook & Strategies for a fraction of the cost today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, with your purchase you will recieve a Free Copy of eBook The Passive Income Plan and it will teach you everything you need to know to start a blog that runs professionally even if you’re new to blogging. 

You will recieve a PDF document containing your eBooks and Link for the Video Masterclass right away. The video is just a little over an hour and it’s jam packed with all the step-by-steps you need to get started today. Timestamps are included for you to navigate the video whenever you need to re-watch a section of the tutorial.

With the purchase of this Masterclass and eBook you will recieve a Free Copy of my eBook The Passive Income Plan, it will teach you how to create your own tiny digital product to sell on your blog as a brand new beginner!

You will have access to be added to the Private Facebook Group for any additional help that you may need. You can also reach me via email, please allow 24-48 hrs for a response.

You bet! Tailwind is an incredible tool to help you automate your marketing, the video will show you everything you need to know about the platform and it includes a link for a Free Trial so you can test it out for yourself!

Due to the nature of the Digital Products and Templates, I am not able to offer refunds and all course sales are final. Please email me if you have any questions about the product.

Don't leave money on the table with your Blog...

Learn How to Set Up a Marketing Sales System to wildly grow your blog’s traffic 

& increase your passive income as a brand new beginner blogger! 


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