5 Side Hustles I do as a Stay-at-Home Mom to earn a Full-time Living

by Viva Passionista
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Side Hustles for Stay-at-Home Moms

Are you a multi-passionate Mom like me?

Do you have hobbies that you’d like to pursue or goals you’d like to achieve but can’t because of a lack of time, money or resources?

Before pursuing my passions, I used to work in a mall. But I must say, I had a pretty cool job, I was a Professional Makeup Artist for a very well known company.

Although it was “fun” work, I was stuck in a bubble. I either worked every weekend or worked night shifts many nights per week.

I understand the frustration of wishing for a way to work from home or at least have the flexibility and freedom to plan my day around my life, and not around my job.

If you feel like you want to pursue your passions but can’t because you’re tied down to work that keeps you locked into a 9-5, work on weekends or even worse, the dreaded graveyard ‘shift!

Here are a few ways I earn a full-time living from home with flexibility and freedom.


1. Digital Marketing Consultant / Lead Generation

As a digital marketing consultant, I help small business owners with their online marketing. A few of my tasks include providing simple web design, SEO services, and content writing.

The main purpose of my digital marketing business is to help local business owners get more leads from the web. For example, when you need a service such as Plumbing, Limo Service or a Moving Company, you search Google. The websites that show up first within the Google Map results, is where I help my business owners appear on the web.

It’s important to know that every successful business needs and depends on new leads.

As a result, the type of service I provide for my small business owners is super valuable for them. Within this industry, you would most likely never have to worry about getting work.

This may sound a bit advanced as a beginner but here is a simple way you can work with small business owners from home as a beginner.


Social Media Management

In order for small businesses to grow, they need an online presence. You can help them grow their business by providing social media tasks such as posting to Instagram for them, promoting on Facebook or Pinning graphics on Pinterest.

Here’s why I mention it, small business owners pay well for you to do these tasks for them. As an online business owner myself, I don’t always have time to market my business. For that, I truly need the help of an assistant and will happily pay them to do tasks for me that will help grow my business!

Typically, with just a few clients a month you can earn an extra $500-10k+ a month. Learn more about this business with Alma Bradford, she’s specializing in teaching beginners how to build a social media management business from home. Visit Alma Bradford.com


2. Web Designer

As an addition to my own Digital Marketing Business, I design websites for easily with WIX for extra income. There are two ways to build an income with WIX.

  1. They offer an affiliate program that pays you around $100 each time someone signs up using your link. WIX has a beautiful theme that you can easily customize as a beginner for almost anyone in any niche.
  2. You can offer to build websites for others at any price that you wish plus earn an extra commission when they sign up with your affiliate link.


How to find clients for your Web Design Business

Firstly, you can create a few websites on WIX to build a small portfolio of clients you would like to work with. As an example, if you want to help photographers, hair stylists, fitness coaches, use the built-in templates to design a simple website.

Secondly, you can create an Instagram account and promote your business by following people within your niche and networking with them. You can also create a blog and promote your services on Pinterest!

Pinterest is the best way to get traffic to your blog fast, I used this book to get my Pinterest Views up to 1 Million Views a month plus tons of visitors to my blog daily!


3. A Licensed Public Notary/Loan Signing Agent

Depending on which state you live in, becoming a Licensed Public Notary can be very lucrative. I am licensed in the State of Florida so I am able to marry people in my Licensed State, you could build a mobile marriage business in Florida and offer a variety of services.

One of the top ways to earn more as a public notary is to become a loan signing agent. I learned how to become a Loan Signing Agent from Mark Wills of The Loan Signing System.

In some states, you can work as an online notary and provide services via video chat platforms. Be sure to look into your state’s options, I received my state license & stamp from home using Florida’s Online Program.


Here is what a Loan Signing Agent does:

  1. When a Home Owner purchases or refinances their home, we walk them through their loan signing documents for title companies.
  2. We make sure the borrower of the home loan understands how to fill out the documents and dates and signs them correctly.
  3. The final step is to notarize the documents with the borrower and then deliver them by either mail or to the title agency office.

Loan signing agents can sign up with different networks to get on call work from different title companies. Each loan sign document packet you notarize and deliver can pay you from $50 [very low end] to $100+. Check out Mark Wills’s website for more information.

Learn How to Start a Small Niche Blog and earn Passive Income fast!

4. Professional Bridal Makeup Artist

Have you ever dreamed of doing something creative as a career, you should consider makeup artistry? One of the best ways to earn higher pay as a freelance makeup artist is to work as a Bridal Makeup Artist.


For any business you pursue, it’s crucial that you find your niche. You should pick something that allows you to practice & master your skills while setting yourself apart from others.

Did you know that the Bridal makeup artistry is one of the most lucrative niches in the beauty industry?


It’s because most brides know the importance of using a professional makeup service on their special day.  Most brides will plan and include a large budget for a makeup artist within their wedding allowance.

With that being said, it’s important for bridal makeup artists to provide quality service in order to receive premium pay. 

Personally, I chose to work as a Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics for 6 years and networked with clients and businesses to gain a clientele list.


Here are ways to gain clients for your Makeup Artistry Business

  1. Become a freelance makeup artist at any makeup counter in different places such as malls or hotels. You can build a clientele list by networking with customers that visit.
  2. Build a portfolio and use Social Media like Instagram & Facebook to promote your business locally
  3. Attend Free Wedding Conferences and Fairs to networks with Brides and showcase your portfolio.
  4. You can run ad’s on to your website or social media if it’s within your budget to acquire clients faster and more consistently.


5. Niche Blogger- [My Full-Time Career]

If you are looking to truly work from home and have a passion for writing and creating content, I highly recommend that you learn how to start a niche blog.

A niche blog is the perfect way to start blogging for money without having to spend a lot of time or work writing or creating content as a regular blogger would.

Most new bloggers start blogging with many different topics in mind and this creates overwhelm and will take longer for you to earn money from your blog.


I love the options all of my different side hustles provide, but I must say the one that truly gives me financial freedom is blogging.


How to run a Niche Blog as a Small Business

As a niche blogger, all you have to do is figure out what your niche will be and who you want to help. If you have a passion for a certain topic or expertise in a certain area, you can use your blog to market your very own small business.

For example, if you enjoy living a healthy life by eating clean and working out, you can blog about it.

You will have the opportunity to earn income by either recommending products that you love or by simply creating your own products. You can easily create products such as workbooks or ebooks to sell on your blog for income.


Related: How to Earn Money Blogging with Affiliate Marketing


How to Grow a Small Niche Blog for Passive Income

Finally, as long as you have something to sell on your blogs such as a digital product you create [e-book, etc.] or an affiliate link to offer, you can use Pinterest to bring traffic to your blog so that you can increase your blogging income.

 👉 Even if you are just a beginner and starting from scratch, using Pinterest is where new and advanced bloggers go for bringing money making traffic to their blogs.

Don’t worry about needing tons of followers or popularity. Pinterest is the way to grow your blogging business for success even if you’re a beginner.


Final Thoughts

What will your Side Hustle be?

There’s an endless amount of ideas you can do to pursue your unique side hustle for flexibility and financial freedom.

I created this website to help others earn passive income from home, simply by starting a blog with a defined niche so that you can blog less and earn on autopilot.

Want to learn how I grew my niche blog from side hustle to a full-time income?  I invite you to take My FREE 6-Day E-Course here.FREE How to earn Passive Income with a small niche blog 6-Day E-Course!



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