What's Your Passion?

Start a Blog. Grow your Business. Change your Life.

do you have a passion for blogging?

If you're anything like me, the answer is YES! You probably love the idea of being creative, writing, connecting with others & most of all, the opportunity to earn some extra income with your blog every month....

You Can Do It!

Just a few year's ago, I had no idea how to blog professionally, let alone know how to use WordPress! But then I took a leap of faith, & just went for it! I actually forced myself to make blogging my new career since I had just had a new baby & wanted to be at home with my little ones.

I knew I would have to spend every free minute I had at home to really take blogging seriously and make something successful out of it. At that point, I was happy to make any amount of money with my blog, even if it was just a few hundred dollars a month in extra income to help pay for some of the bills.

The Game Changer!

I was a complete newbie but I started writing and creating content for my mommy lifestyle blog anyway. After browsing around the web for more information about blogging for income, I soon found out about PINTEREST!

And....you should know....even if you're just a beginner, Pinterest is the key to starting a profitable money making blog from scratch!

Through Pinterest, I began studying and analyzing the pros and even bought a few amazing courses that helped me come up with my very own strategies that would help take my blogging income to the next level!

The Results?

In just a few short months, my blog's pageviews grew like wildfire and I was able to reach over 1 MILLION views on Pinterest!

This Pinterest success translated over to my blog gaining tons of visitors and soon after, my blog visitors turned into buyers! That's right, I now had visitors clicking on my links, joining my email list, and buying my personal digital products each and everyday!

Making Money while you Sleep!

I know you might be thinking, is that a real thing? YES IT IS! As a blogger, one of the best ways to earn money is to promote your favorite products or tools and add links to your blog so that readers can buy.

This is called Affiliate Marketing and whenever someone reads your post and makes a purchase through your link, you can make a sweet little commission in return!

Sales can happen at any hour of the day & night, allowing you to really make money while you sleep!

From $0 to over 45k a year Blogging!

After months of creating tons of content and building my blog through lifestyle posts, I was able to increase my income drastically...

Then a shift happened!

As a blogger, I was a part of many Facebook Groups & I started paying attention to what new bloggers were asking within the groups. I actively participated & always offered my support and advice to new bloggers. Every day I would hear these common concerns and questions...

Does this sound like you?

I want to start a blog, but I have no idea where to get started? or I'm nervous about using WordPress! or I'm not sure what I should write about? or even How the heck do I get people to start reading my blog, and make actual money???

This all helped me make a shift from Lifestyle Blogger over to becoming a Blogging Coach for Beginners. The truth is that there's a lot of moving parts when it comes to blogging.

In order to skip months of frustration, overwhelm of what to actually do to earn money blogging, I've put together a few steps you'll need to do below!

How to Start your own Money Making Blog!

Here is an example of what you need to learn in order to build a profitable blogging business this year!


1. Learn How to Start a Blog on WordPress

Using WordPress + Hosting will allow you to fully own your blogging business and have control of your content forever!

2. Pick your Perfect Niche

In order to make money, you'll need to know who your target audience is and discover their pain points so you can help them by creating products for them or with affiliate links!

3. Write Money-Making Blog Posts

As a money making blogger, you'll need to write posts that get your readers to take action & inspire them to click on your links!

4. Get Traffic to your Blog

One of the fastest ways to build traffic as a blogger is with Pinterest, you'll need to learn how to create pins, create boards & grow your account!

5. Create your Money Making Strategy

As a blogger, I personally use a combination of creating my own digital products & affiliate marketing. There are a few more ways you can earn money as a blogger, choose the best ways for your blog & start applying the techniques for the ones you pick!

In order to help others start their own profitable blogs from scratch... I've created a FREE 6-Day Blogging Master Course for you!

Here's What You'll Learn:


You'll get the ultimate guide for setting up a professional blog on WordPress with Web Hosting. I'll walk you through all the steps of picking a name, a niche, getting a domain, plus how to use the WordPress Dashboard to get all of your settings right & how to properly protect your blog!


You'll learn exactly how I find amazing content ideas that are popular and what people are looking for in any niche. I'll share my blog writing formula that helps my readers click on my links or sign up for my freebies & email list.


On this day, I'll help you plan your branding strategy so you can successfully create attractive eye-catching graphics to promote your blog content all over Social Media and Pinterest. This will help you bring massive traffic to your blog everyday!


In this lesson, I'll walk you through all unique ways you can make money as a blogger BUT I will be sharing my TOP recommendations on how to make money from the very start of launching your blog! You won't want to miss this!


You'll learn the fastest way to get traffic to your blog plus how I was able to grow my Pinterest Account to millions of views in just a short few weeks. You'll also learn how to convert your traffic into subscribers with my super high-converting techniques!


During our last lesson, I've created a step-by-step tutorial on how I manage my blog. You'll watch how I finalize my blog posts ensuring they are top-notch with links and ready to promote. Plus, you'll see how I add pins to my blog for visitors to share and how I promote my pins on Pinterest!

👉 This lesson will help ensure you're doing everything you need to do in order to grow + earn income with your blog every single time you post!


FREE About Me Page Template!

An about me page is one of the most popular pages your visitors will view! Learn how to structure your page for success & increase more sales.

FREE Instant Access to the Freebie Library!

Here you'll find additional tools , guides + tutorials to help you grow your biz and earn more money as a blogger.


Thanks for checking out my blog, you’re awesome! I created Viva Passionista to share my love for writing, creating & connecting. 


 Soon after,  it quickly grew into a blog coaching business once I started receiving tons of questions and compliments about the advice I was sharing within the blogging  Facebook Groups.


 If you have a passion for blogging, go for it! I’m here to help you in any way I can. See you inside the course lovely….


started your blog already? here's what to do next...

grab your free money making roadmap

Supercharge your Results: Here's The Top 3 Ways I Earn Money with my Blog
on Autopilot... I'll Show You How You Can Do The Same!

get access to the #blogsquad freebie resource library!

Inside you’ll find tutorial-based guides, checklists, planners, & downloads to help you grow & earn more money blogging this year!

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