the funnel formula

The 2-Step Process for Making Passive Income From Your Blog on Autopilot Even if You're Starting a Blog from Scratch!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You want to start a blog and earn money but you have no idea how to set up a system that allows you to make income on autopilot. 

You're ready to start your very own online business & you need an easy process for earning money on your blog that doesn't require much work or tech skills to set up. 

You would love to start selling small digital products, services or affiliate products but need help creating a system that makes selling to your audience easy and less salesy for you. 

What if you could...

Learn how to create an simple sales funnel system for your brand new blog that allows you to easily earn passive income on a daily basis without you having to spend all your time selling to your audience. 


What if you could learn how to provide amazing content & value to your audience that results in passive income when your audience opt’s in for one of your Freebie Offers?


The funnel formula

A Masterclass Video Tutorial + eBook teaching you how to set up a simple yet effective Passive Income System for your Blog. Learn the step-by-step system for creating a Sales Funnel including Plug-in-Play Landing Pages that you can copy and paste right into your own blog to help you make sales everyday on autopilot!

Here's what you'll get

  • A One Hour Video Masterclass showing you how to set up the simple 2-Step Funnel on your Blog.
  • 4 Custom Made Landing Pages to use on your blog and help you deliever all of your Freebie or Paid Offers effectively to your readers.
  • A Funnel Formula eBook that includes a Professional Sales Writing Template helping you say all the right words to help get your readers to take action & make purchases on your blog everyday.
  • Guided Tech Tutorials to make the whole process of setting up your Passive Income Funnel insanely easy for you to accomplish in just a weekend.

Custom easy to use Landing Page templates for you!

Learn how to upload and install landing page templates on your blog, saving you hundred's of dollars you would normally have to spend on other expensive landing page builders.

Landing page #1

Showcase a visual preview of your Freebie Offers to your readers to help entice them to sign up to your email list.

Landing page #2

Define the top benefits of your Freebie Offer in this version of the landing page Get your readers excited to opt-in for your offer.

Tripwire sales page

Create urgency with a Tripwire Page as part of your Sales Funnel Strategy, this is how you earn passive income on autopilot!

product sales page

Learn how to organize your sales page like a pro, when your ready to sale your digital products or services you'll have the perfect sales page to do it!

if you're ready to start earning passive income on autopilot WITH A SIMPLE SALES FUNNEL SYSTEM in place...

Get Started with Setting Up the Perfect 2-Step Funnel for Passive Profits!

This course is now available in the VIP Automation Bundle!

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to start earning income online without having to set up overwhelming or confusing sales systems.
  • You need a simplified step-by-step tutorial to help your walk through the process of setting up a funnel on your blog.
  • You're excited to learn how to automate a money making system on your blog, giving you more freedom to work on other tasks for your business.

This is not for you if...

Hey there, I'm Nikki

   Blogger and Online Digital Business Owner, over the past few years I have dedicated myself to learning everything that includes, Blogging, Marketing and Passive Income Strategies. 


   I work with Small Business Owners and Start Ups in a variety of niches, sales funnel is the #1 task that helps my clients earn extra income online!


   My style is making the complex feel more simple. Starting a Blog can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Sign up today and learn a more minimal approach to making money with your blog. 

ready for a simple method of earning income through your blog?

Don’t spend tons of money on other Landing Page Builders for your Blog, 

get the complete Masterclass, eBook & Landing Page Templates for only…


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, with your purchase you will recieve a Free Copy of eBook The Passive Income Plan and it will teach you everything you need to know to start a blog that runs professionally even if you’re new to blogging. 

You will recieve a PDF document containing your eBooks and Link for the Video Masterclass right away. You will also recieve a Zip File with your Landing Page Templates that can be customized to your style.

With the purchase of this Masterclass and eBook you will recieve a Free Copy of my eBook The Passive Income Plan, it will teach you how to create your own tiny digital product to sell on your blog as a brand new beginner!

You will have access to be added to the Private Facebook Group for any additional help that you may need. 

Feel free to ask any questions and I will respond to you within 24-48hrs. Please email

Due to the nature of the Digital Products and Templates, I am not able to offer refunds and all sales are final.  Please email me if you have any questions about the product.

Don't leave money on the table with your Blog...

Learn How to Set Up a Sales Funnel that will help turn every visitor into a

potential customer anytime they sign up for your Freebie Offer. 


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